• The last game of CSKA and SKA began neatly, without snatches and speeds.

    Army slowly but surely increased the pace and dangerous moments followed one after another. By the end of the period, Muscovites pressed opponents and scored a goal, but the puck flew into the goal after the siren.

    After the break, the hosts still managed to break through the St. Petersburg goalkeeper. For violation of the numerical strength of the SKA were in the minority and then "caught" the puck. Almost immediately this was followed by a goal from Anton Slepyshev, who doubled the score. You would think that SKA will not recoup, but St. Petersburg did not lose heart and immediately scored a goal: Sergei Plotnikov scored almost from the position of "lying".

    The third period was similar to the first and did not differ in the frequency of attacks or dangerous moments. For almost 10 minutes there was not a single shot on target. On the 50th minute CSKA missed a good chance to score a goal: Anton Slepyshev confused, apparently, being in front of an empty goal and the puck is not gone into the net.

    Zenit made in response to the move, but Muscovites saved by Ilya Sorokin (goalkeeper). There was a moment when SKA managed to take possession of the puck, but the goal did not happen. And in the last minute Mikhail Grigorenko scored another goal, moving the score-3: 1.

    CSKA will play for the second consecutive season in the Gagrin Cup final.

    As for "Vanguard", it took him only "6 matches to beat"Salavat Yulaev". In the final of the Gagarin Cup, Omsk was last in the 2011-2012 season.

    Now we are waiting for the game CSKA - "vanguard" April 13 and 15 at the Arena CSKA, and 17 and 19 return matches in Balashikha.

    Sun 21 April
    5 p.m.
    CSKA arena M. Avtozavodskaya, d. 23A

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