• Before the series, many fans were willing to bet 100 to 1 that the army success is guaranteed. But Dynamo surprised everyone in the second match: Matt Robinson scored a goal when everyone was sure that the game would go into overtime.

    Dynamo purposefully went against the defense of opponents, but could not Doge started, so they flew two goals in the 3rd period.

    Vladimir Krikunov commented after the match that he was happy with the game, but with one goal you will not go far.

    You can't say that Dynamo were weaker opponents, but the skill of the army decided the outcome of the match. And the main role in the victory of "Dynamo" played Linden Wei. Despite the absence of Kirill Kaprizov, Wei successfully organized the right moments for teammates.

    In the first period, he brought to throw Mikhail Grigorenko, selecting the puck behind the goal. It was thanks to him that Konstantin Okulov scored when Wei did not allow the puck to reach the middle zone. And the winning goal, too, merit Wei: he moved the puck out of the gate, and then on the patch, where she successfully went to Robinson.

    Its the only chance prolong a series of "Dynamo" missed.

    Now army stands out for its powerful game among others in the Western conference. And now they have to face SKA, home matches will be held on March 28 and 30 at CSKA Arena.

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