• CSKA confident gait passed from game to game, so everyone predicted him at least the final, not to mention the Gagarin Cup. "Dynamo" most likely was not ready for power struggle and in the first round lost outright. Mikhail Tchaikovsky without hesitation expressed his dissatisfaction with this defeat and said that the coach properly "charged" the team in the locker room, saying everything he thinks about their game. Although at the press conference screamers was in a rather playful mood.


    In the first shifts we saw Dynamo on the ice, which reminded us of the best games with Jokerit.

    Indrasis is back in the top three to Sipacheva and Kagarlitsky and began a sharp counterattacks.

    Bocharov received seven final minutes, and on the second game left on start.

    Junior goalkeeper dinamovtsev has become a real magician, who captured shots of CSKA, in which he certainly helped hockey players from defence.

    The army men were baffled by the point rotation, which violated all the established combinations. Replace Kalinin and Scott's mom and Karnaukhov has made the disorder.

    Nikitin initially playing a bunch of Whims-Grigorenko since regularolty with different centers. Playoffs guys started with Popov, at the moment they go with Linden. Over the past 6 games, they have earned a total of 19 points and always played on the result. And here is the most dangerous bunch CSKA was in the grip, and Bocharova flew only 4 shots from Kaprizova.

    And no matter how scolded the judges, but they are meticulously scrutinize every controversial point in this playoff. And it was after the replay that Bocharov's super save became obvious. Although, Karnaukhov has already managed to enjoy the goal with his teammates. Later he got from Nikulin, who hit the puck right in the unprotected wrist hockey.

    The stands were a little bored by the lack of goals, so they were happy with each spectacular episode.

    Especially the moment when Shipachev knocked over the gaping Naumenkova outside the gate. Such techniques from tsentrforvarda is quite a rare thing.

    Unbeknownst to all come overtime. After the rest Dynamo were rewarded for their patience. Broken gracefully defeated the army of the famous trio and struck the far top corner.

    The 5th game in the series will take place on March 21 at CSKA arena.