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    1946 is considered the year of Foundation of the major League of CSKA.

    During the fifties team players 6 times became Champions of the USSR. Also at this time, CSKA participated in the winter Olympics for the first time. That consisted Mkrtchyan, Beams, Sologubov, and many others.

    In the sixties Tarasov only three times lost gold opponents. This was done through the successful players Ragulin, Brezhnev, get off, Firsov, Almetov, Ionova, Vikulova.

    The next decade is remembered for the first confrontation between the USSR and the NHL. At that time, the USSR was represented by CSKA, which was then considered the best club in the country and Europe. There were 36 matches, of which CSKA won 26 victories, drew 2 times, and suffered 8 defeats.

    The eighties are often called the Golden years in the history of the club, because almost all the Championships were won and many meetings of participants with the NHL were successful. It is worth mentioning such players as Sergey Makarov, Alexander Mogilny, Sergey Starikov, Valery Kamensky, Vyacheslav Bykov.

    The nineties turned out to be unsaturated at the hockey exploits, but the last decade the club has rejuvenated and is now familiar were new names – Parshin, Shirokov, Nikulin, mozyakin, Pronin. Now CSKA directs its development to the process of restoring past traditions. In 2010, Vyacheslav Kozlov, one of the best Russian NHL players, returned to the ranks.